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Night Market

Saturday, June 22nd, 2024
Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

Be Part of the 
Night Market!

The night market strives to celebrate and highlight the Asian & BIPOC small businesses in Little Mekong Cultural District (located between Mackubin & Marion on University Ave W in St. Paul, MN).

  • Be a vendor

  • Be a performer

  • Enter a dance / singing competition

Night Market 2017-300dpi 22_edited.jpg


80 Asian & BIPOC Small Businesses

Years invested in community

250,000 New Visitors Every Year!

Build a Strong,
Safe Community

Develop the physical assets of Little Mekong to build a community space of creativity and aesthetics, a healthy pedestrian environment, and a living business district

Creative Placemaking

Cultivate arts and cultural assets for economic development and community preservation

Support Asian &
BIPOC Businesses

Build a strong base of locally owned Asian & BIPOC small businesses through business development, retention, and expansion strategies

© 2024 by Little Mekong Cultural District

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