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What's Happening??

XIA Gallery & Cafe and Springboard for the Arts are collaborating with the organizations and businesses in Little Mekong Cultural District to celebrate the economic and cultural richness in our communities.

Walk along the street of University Ave W in St. Paul and get to know the businesses in Little Mekong!

Visit Springboard & XIA Gallery & Cafe for the main events.

Stop by the local restaurants get a bite and

other businesses to shop and!

What's there to do??


@Springboard for the Arts | 11AM & 1PM

Modern & traditional dancing, singing, and more! 

Children's Book Reading

@XIA Gallery & Cafe | 12PM - 1PM

Join us with your family and kids for a live reading by Southeast Asian children book authors. Face painting activities will also be available.

Reading In a Bookstore

Spoken Word 

@XIA Gallery & Cafe | 3PM - 4PM

Love spoken word? This is the spot!

Mural Painting

Location still TBD | 11AM - 6PM

Memorialize the Movement will be bringing a mural to paint with the community! 

A table of Vietnamese cuisine

Any Food?

Along the Streets of University Ave W | all day

Of course there will be food! Stop by all the restaurants located on Little Mekong Cultural District, such as Thai Garden, Wonders Ice Cream, Peking Garden, and more!

Save the Date!

Saturday, August 26th, 2023 | 11AM - 6PM

Learn About Our Partners

Why is this important?

Little Mekong Cultural District is made up of small businesses, many of who are mom and pops that started the business to support their family as a source of income. 

Many of these businesses infuse their arts & culture, increasing our visibility as BIPOC folks, thus creating an impact in every positive way. 

We recognize that culture produces economic value for BIPOC communities and BIPOC communities continue to grow their wealth. ​

By supporting Little Mekong, you are supporting small businesses and the economic growth of the BIPOC communities.

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