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Join us Sat & Sun, June 22nd & 23rd, 5:30PM - 9:00PM at Stage 1 for the Cultural Performances!




Leang Prom


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Afro-Cont-Igbo is an African Contemporary Igbo dance company founded by Korma in 2015. Korma is from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

Afrocontigbo dancers mix traditional and modern African dance moves. They teach Afrobeats dance classes and do performances across the twin cities. The music is invigorating, and the moves are joyful. Get ready to join Afrocontigbo on the dance floor if the spirit moves you

Starting as a teenager on Smule, Jerry Lee quickly moved beyond early autotune experiments to find confidence and community with CHAT (Center for Hmong Arts and Talent). Despite a hiatus during National Guard service, their passion for music never waned, leading them to pursue producing and sharing their work on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music upon returning.

With support from friends, they continue to push forward, aiming to share their unique musical style and connect with listeners through powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics.

We met through K-pop and we share a passion for dance. Although each of us have different backgrounds, our passion for dance and k-pop connected all of us together.

Karenni (Kha Ray Nee) St. Paul Youth Dancers is a Karenni traditional dance team
from the Karenni Community of Minnesota, Saint Paul. The team consists of all Karenni female youth who shared the love and passion for dancing and embracing their cultural performance.

Little note about the Karenni people: Karenni is a group of people who have their own unique language, rich culture, and history. One of the ways for them to showcase their identity is through a traditional performance while wearing their traditional outfits.

Ka Lia Universe & Kevin Phoojywg Xiong will be performing "Meow."

Mai Se is a self-taught Hmong Musician. She started with the violin in elementary school and is now more focused on the Erhu (Chinese violin).

She is also currently learning the GuZheng, which is the Chinese harp. Mai Se's goal is to share the inspiration that she has in musical instruments and hopes to bring happiness and inner peace with the beautiful sound of her instruments.

NewSONG, an emerging Hmong singer-songwriter based in Minneapolis, strives to promote body positivity, fuse her cultural music with modern day beats, and showcase her boundless talents as an artist. In just over a year since her debut, NewSONG has garnered significant attention, securing bookings in California, Seattle, Wisconsin, Michigan, and various other states for her performances!


Sienna Moua is a12 years old aerialist from Eau Claire, WI. She has been performing aerial arts for 4 years and started competing in the 2024 Aerialympics season this past November. She placed 1st at the WI Live and TX Virtual Regional competitions and 2nd at the FL Virtual Regional competition. She was invited to compete at the National Live Aerialympics competition in Kansas City and placed 2nd in her division. Besides aerial arts, Sienna enjoys drawing, horseback riding, and hmong dancing. She will be entering 7th grade in the fall and will also begin training for the 2025 Aerialympics season.

SAATH is committed to celebrating cultural diversity and social harmony in our communities through the joyful medium of dance, performing arts, and related South Asian cultural traditions. We celebrate cultural diversity and social harmony in the community through the joyful medium of dance, performing arts, and related South Asian cultural traditions.

Meet the band, Sishir Music, and their members!

Sishir Chang – Guitar Vocals. Sishir Chang is a Minnesota musician and songwriter who has played for several years with The Serfs and other bands. Sishir has written and performed songs about immigrants and Asians.
Jon Colliander – Bass Vocals. Jon Colliander is a Minnesota musician who has played for several years with The Serfs and other bands.
John “Knuckles” Gwin – Drums. John Gwinn is a Minnesota musician who has played in several bands including Slaphazard and Meat Raffle Ska band. He’s also a scientist and teacher.

Sun WuKaung is an upcoming American rapper based on the East Side of St. Paul. Focusing on themes of positivity, self love, and mental health awareness while also telling stories of his personal life experiences as well

Hey everyone, @ me at world2islandd on ig. if you don’t know, I go by Yoshi and I’m a music head from around Minnesota ready to start this night market off right!

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